Live Webcast Zoom Fan Parties – Virtual Front Row Access

Interact with the band and other fans in REAL-TIME during every Live Ardmore Music Hall Webcast!

Upcoming Fan Party Info:
  • Everyone Orchestra, Friday 4/23
  • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Saturday 4/24 (Night 1)
  • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Sunday 4/25 (Night 2)


How it works:
1. New to Zoom? Download it here.

2. Each Fan Party will begin 15 minutes before the Live Webcast. Just click the link to join, input the meeting ID and password.

3. All attendees are muted upon entry, but users may unmute after each song so the band will be able to hear you. Applause and cheering is encouraged!

4. The main broadcast feed is viewable through Zoom in real-time. Fan Party attendees are encouraged to view the broadcast within Zoom, as the YouTube and Facebook live streams are on a 20-30 second delay.

5. To see all of the other fans participating in the Fan Party, select “gallery view” in the upper right corner of your screen at any time.

6. Be sure to keep your cameras on while you’re participating in the Fan Party. If your video remains off for too long, our moderators will remove you from the zoom call. (It’s called a fan party for a reason!)

7. The band can hear and see the Fan Party throughout the show, so feel free to hold up signs, dance, and just enjoy yourselves! You might even be featured on the main broadcast feed, so remember to keep it PG!

8. Feel free to send a private Zoom chat to one of your AMH moderators with any questions/comments/concerns during the stream, or email before or after the show!